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Mani Diamond Bur-(Pack of 5)

Wide variety of diamond burs with a code indicating the shape of the bur.



: RS-11, BC-42, BC-43, BR-31, BR-31C, BR-40, BR-41, BR-45, BR-46, BR-49, CD-59F, CG-51F, DI-41, DI-42, EX-11, EX-18EF, EX-18F, EX-21, EX-21EF, EX-24, EX-26, FO-21, FO-22, FO-22EF, FO-25, FO-27, FO-31, FO-32, FO-42EF, FO-54C, RS-21, SF-11, SF-12, SF-12C, SF-13, SF-21, SF-24C, SF-31, SF-41, SFS-41, SI-41C, SI-46, SI-47, SI-48, SIS-46, SO-20, SO-21, SR-11, TC-11C, TC-11EF, TC-21, TC-21EF, TC-26, TF-11, TF-12, TF-12EF, TF-13, TF-13C, TF-14, TF-21, TF-22, TF-31, TF-41, TF-42, TFS-12, TFS-21, TR 12, TR 13, TR 14, TR 15, TR 21, TR 24, TR 25, TR-11EF, TR-13C, TR-13EF, TR-26EF, TR-62C, TRS-14, WR-13, WR-13C



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