Surana Dental Wax
Sprue Wax
A wax that features ample flexibility and sufficient rigidity for sprueing and mounting a wax pattern.The Sprue wax is available in 2 to 10 mm in Blue, Green and Yellow colours.
Modelling Wax
Smooth and flexible,these thin wax sheets allow easy tracing, design, and molding of free form shapes.Modelling Wax is available in pink and red.It is availale in Soft , Hard and Extra Hard. The packet contains 12 sheets
Carving Wax
Carving wax is a smooth, non-brittle wax designed for carving. The packet contains 40 blocks. It is available in white , ivory , blue , yellow and red. There are no air bubbles in the cubes.
Boxing Wax
Sticky Wax
Beading Wax
Sticky wax has many uses in a dental clinic and dental laboratory. It holds broken pieces of a denture together and assembles components of fixed partial dentures and wrought partial dentures in preparation for soldering. Properties. Sticky wax becomes sticky when melted and has the property of adhering to the surfaces of various materials.

Ivory pattern wax

Red block out wax

Orange milky wax

Green margin soft wax

White mockup wax

Blue inlay pattern wax

Coffee pattern hard wax

Sky blue pattern wax

Orange dipping & pattern wax

Wax separator

Ceramic separator

Die hardner

Ceramic hardner


Die spacer red

Die spacer blue

Die spacer gold

Die spacer silver